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Kiwi Fruit Benefits High Blood Pressure – The New Superfruit Is Here

If an apple a day has not been able to keep the doctor away for you, two kiwi fruits can definitely help you!

Kiwis have probably been an underrated fruit for long. Despite all the health benefits of this “superfruit”, as it is commonly known today, kiwis are gaining recognition all over the world because of its benefits to control high blood pressure levels. According to studies and researches, this fuzzy, brown fruit can help in lowering the blood pressure levels dramatically.

A fruit power-packed with nutrients

Kiwis are those tiny fruits that have lot of nutrients contained in them. Fleshy and green, these fruits are loaded with lutein, which is an excellent antioxidant responsible for lowering the Blood balance blood pressure numbers. This fact was revealed by a research conducted at the Oslo University Hospital in Norway, led by Mette Svendsen. The study was also presented at the American Heart Association annual meet that took place in Orlando.

Kiwis contain vitamins, protective phytochemicals and minerals. Apart from vitamin C, which is commonly contained in fleshy fruits, kiwis also contain vitamin E and vitamin A. Raw kiwi juice can regulate the heart beat and reduce blood pressure levels dramatically.

Kiwis contain Potassium

Kiwi fruits benefits high blood pressure as it contains potassium and lutein. Potassium has remarkable properties that help in reducing the blood pressure levels by neutralizing the negative effects of salt on the body. Our kidneys are responsible for controlling the blood pressure levels by checking the amount of fluids contained in our body. If the body contains more fluids, the blood pressure levels will rise.

Kiwi fruits benefits high blood pressure by neutralizing the effect of sodium in the body by contributing to the kidney functions. Eating at least 3 kiwis a day will increase the level of potassium in the body, which will further help in restoring the subtle balance of our system. This will also allow the kidneys to function more effectively, thereby lowering the levels of blood pressure and improving the functions of the heart and kidneys.

Kiwis contain Lutein

Lutein is naturally found in various plants. It provides natural pigment to the kiwi fruit. Lutein is also a carotenoid. It belongs to the family of vitamin A. According to studies, lutein has antioxidant properties that help in protecting the cells against all possible oxidative damages and risks of chronic diseases. Kiwi fruits benefits high blood pressure because lutein ensures steady flow of blood and prevents clogged arteries and atherosclerosis. It is also beneficial for renal cell carcinoma and colon cancer.

Lutein also helps in lowering the levels of cholesterol in the body to prevent hardening of arteries or atherosclerosis.

Flavonoids in Kiwi

Kiwi fruits also contain flavonoids, which is a natural nutrient that increases the value of this small fruit. Flavonoids are known to protect our body cells from the oxidative effects that can increases the chances of cell related problems and DNA mutation.

Word of caution

Kiwi fruits benefits high blood pressure; however, that does not mean you can eat as many as possible. Always maintain restrictions with medications and foods. According to research, 2 to 3 kiwis can be eaten per day for a period of 21 weeks. It is wise to reduce the intake after 21 weeks, or better to stop for some time and see the result.

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