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Selecting the Right CBD Manufacturer

Before diving into the top CBD brands in the USA, let’s go over what goes into an all-natural CBD product. In its simplest form, raw CBD extract is a long, winding, staircase-like process from raw, medicinal hemp plant material to purified, distilled, deodorized, and concentrated CBD oil. But CBD extract also includes other materials that are helpful in the manufacturing of CBD products. For example, raw CBD products typically include CBD-Esters, which act as precursors and carriers for CBD molecules in plants and so on. CBD-esters and CBD-carrier oils are also included to help CBD get to where it needs to go: into your body.

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Some of the components that make up an CBD manufacturer product may be derived from the CBD itself. This means that a good CBD manufacturer will be able to “etch” (concentrate) CBD from industrial hemp plants, or better yet, supercritical deep-frying raw CBD extract. Supercritical deep-frying involves heating CBD below its critical point, so that it becomes susceptible to strain-free crystallization. When CBD crystals form, it means that the CBD is broken down into smaller, simpler compounds that can be quickly and easily harvested by other means, such as CBD oil or CBD capsules.

A good CBD manufacturer will be able to quote the highest-quality CBD available in any form (not just CBD oil). While some companies offer CBD gels, CBD capsules, CBD oils, and CBD lotions, CBD oils tend to be of lower quality than CBD capsules and CBD lotions, so you’ll likely be more comfortable buying CBD capsules or CBD lotions rather than CBD gels. Most CBD manufacturers (as well as other manufacturers of medical-grade extracts) also process CBD into finished pharmaceutical products. In addition to pharmaceutical products, most CBD manufacturers also provide dietary supplements and botanicals for supplement use.

In general dietary supplements are less expensive than CBD oil. Moreover, CBD dietary supplements (as well as CBD oils) tend to retain more of the original oil’s potency and flavor, so they typically cost less per gram of oil or tincture than CBD supplements sold in capsule form. Many companies selling CBD supplements also process raw CBD into CBD capsules and CBD oils. However, since CBD capsules and oil tend to lose much of their medicinal value once they reach the phase of enteric coating (so that the oil’s potency decreases somewhat), it makes sense to buy CBD in its unprocessed state – at the level of the CBD user. By buying CBD in its unprocessed form, you’ll probably save a little money as well as get more of the beneficial properties of CBD.

Many CBD manufacturers also handle the extraction of CBD. Depending on the equipment and process used, CBD extract may be extracted using anything from heat to pressure and chemicals. Some manufacturers use a two-step extraction process: first, the CBD is heated, and then the substance is extracted with water.

So which company is the best manufacturer? The answer depends in large part on your needs. If you want a high-quality CBD product, you should work with a CBD manufacturer that processes the raw CBD into finished pharmaceuticals. By working with a CBD manufacturer that has optimized its production process, you can expect to pay a lot less for a CBD supplement and receive a product with very high-quality compounds. And working with a CBD manufacturer that uses high-grade solvents and processes makes it easier to ensure the highest quality of its oils. Look for a CBD manufacturer that can meet all of your production needs and that is committed to providing excellent customer service.

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