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A Brief Introduction to Sexblogg

In case you didn’t know, Sexblogg is a blog that started as an offshoot of a much bigger blogging website, Weblog. Sexblogg was created by Christian Patterson and Matt Huston, who believe that sex is a natural function of married sexuality. They wanted to provide a venue for other Christians to express their views on sex, while at the same time bring some illumination to what many see as a rather taboo subject.

The basic concept of these two men is that Christians need to be able to discuss issues of sex in the public light if they wish to survive as a movement. Thus, they felt that by providing a venue through which to do this, people from all walks of life could read their views on matters of sexuality. Their first set of articles were largely focused on providing pornography alternatives, as well as elaborating on the kinds of things one should avoid when engaging in mature adult content. It would seem that Sexblogg was ahead of its time; the site now has grown into a multi-page article series, featuring both new and old material.

Today, the primary focus of the blog is its ongoing exploration of pornography through its “pornographic” archive. These include a wide variety of photos, reviews, and sexually suggestive stories. Included in these are full episodes of Sexcapades, amateur sex videos, and galleries of sexually suggestive but legal adult animations. It also includes a number of stand-alone jokes and comics. This last category is comprised of such gems as “montage”, “egg salad”, and “hung guy”.

On the home page of Sexblogg, users are able to register for free accounts. Using the site to view or download porn, as well as share stories and enter forums, is highly encouraged. At the moment, users can search for mature adult content in addition to watching full episodes of popular television shows and movies.

There are a number of alternative browsing avenues available via Sexblogg. Users may browse through a list of popular bookmarking sites or opt to view individual Web pages via an RSS feed. They can also search for specific keywords by using phrases such as “lesbian sex” or “bisexual sex.” And perhaps best of all, users can use a special coding system to classify their own posts – making them easy to locate when viewing individual posts.

Users do not need to worry about content being removed from the site. While Media Blocking technology may be in development, it has not been released to the public. Therefore, any pages containing offensive content – which includes offensive language, suggestive imagery, and adult content – remain intact on the site Porr. Those who wish to post items that will be restricted can register with a private profile. Private profiles allow only selected friends to view these posts.

The only way to get around Sexblogg is to visit the official site and read the Terms of Service. The Terms of Service does not specifically specify whether or not users may post adult content. However, they do outline conditions and consequences associated with inappropriate postings. In addition to the restrictions listed in the Terms of Service, users are required to respect other user’s privacy and safety and remain honest in their dealings with others. If caught, repeat offenders will be banned from the site.

As with many social networking sites, Sexblogg is controlled through a complex set of processes designed to prevent illegal postings and monitor legal activities. Because many of the users are unaware of the various filtering mechanisms and community standards, there are a number of ways that an innocent person can be caught out. These include posting a mirror of the site onto an unsuspecting partner’s MySpace or Facebook page. Also, users may unknowingly leave “backlinks” – simple links that lead to other sites – on public forums that they regularly visit.

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