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Curb Your Alcohol Intake and Lose Weight

Many people workout three to four times a week and eat low calorie foods in order to lose weight believing that these are enough to help them achieve their fitness goals. Yet, they continue their nocturnal habits by partying and drinking alcohol like there is no tomorrow. A common misconception is that, alcohol beverages, does not in anyway affect weight loss or dieting. Truth is, alcoholic beverages have a far more negative effect on weight loss than most people believe. This is why it is necessary to curb your alcohol intake and lose weight in the process.

First of all, alcoholic drinks tend to reduce the amount of calories that your body burns. This means that drinking alcohol will actually negate all of the hours that you’ve spent on the gym. Drinking alcohol also increases appetite and can make you eat more. So say goodbye to your diet after that glass of vodka tonic. And all the men out there who prides themselves of having hard bodies and big muscles okinawa flat belly tonic better watch their beer consumption because alcohol can lower testosterone levels and can actually make one lose muscle mass.

If you regularly drink alcohol then the body will first burn the alcohol before the fat in your body. Alcohol also reduces the amount of fat that your body burns for energy. And the bad part is, alcohol’s effect on the body last for 24 hours.

What most people fail to realize also is that most cocktail drinks and alcoholic beverages are laden with sugar and calories. Frozen drinks like margaritas are especially notorious in packing in the calories and sugar.

It does not mean though that you should totally give up alcohol when you are trying to lose weight. Like in food, moderation is the key when drinking alcoholic drinks. An occasional bottle of beer or two surely won’t give you a beer belly but four to five rounds of martinis will probably take its toll on your waistline.

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