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The Fushigi Ball Review

Clearly there is an incredible amount of interest in the Fushigi Ball which was confirmed by a recent Google search that I did on this topic. I was astounded to find global monthly search counts of 74000 for the term “fushigi”, 60500 for the term “fushigi ball” and 8100 for the phrase “fushigi ball how it works”. These were just the top 3 fushigi related searches and there were a host of other fushigi terms as well.

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With the Google search engine alone reporting over 146,600 searches per month for words related to this product, it is no wonder that many advertising and business people are predicting that the “Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball” is going be the next world-wide trend following in the footsteps of “the Furbie”, “pet rocks”, and “Cabbage Patch Dolls” ไฮไลท์บอล.

There seems to be an on-going debate on how to best categorize this unique ball which is a great starting point for this review.

At first glance it seems to be simply a cool new trendy toy to keep kids and “young at heart” adults amused for hours. As already mentioned and supported by the Google search statistics, there can be no arguing the fact that the Fushigi has captured the attention and imagination of millions of people worldwide.

Then when you consider the practice and skill necessary to master the Fushigi gravity ball and its close links to contact juggling, perhaps it is best considered as simply a new juggling prop or tool that is part of the arts and entertainment field.

Still at the end of the day, does it really matter? Whether you consider the ball a unique toy or part of an art form known as contact juggling, there are still some distinctive benefits for owning a magic ball that must be highlighted in this review.

Perhaps the easiest or most obvious benefit is pure entertainment value. Mastering the astounding tricks shown in the DVD or what you see in the online videos is going to take a great deal of time and practice that will keep you from being bored for a long time. Still the knowledge that you will at some point be able to amaze family, friends, and use your ball juggling skills to meet new people in different social setting is more than enough to keep many people committed to mastering their Fushigi Ball.

Many parents responding to forum discussions about the Fushigi Ball see this unique toy as something that will get their children away from sitting for hours watching television or playing computer games. By its very nature this intriguing ball encourages more social interaction between both kids and adults as we all need an audience to display our ball “magic” to.

Other people may be attracted to the Ball due to its therapeutic benefits as an exercise for the mind and body. The constant practicing will most certainly improve your ability to focus, develop better hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. This fact alone may make it appealing to the older generation and adults who are not looking for a simply a new toy and to parents of young children who recognize the benefits of a the Ball to help develop basic coordination in young children. Some people reading this Fushigi Ball Review may even see it as part of a therapeutic process for both youngsters and adults suffering from degenerative diseases and muscle disorders.

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