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How Galvanized Roofing Sheet Corrosion Can Affect Your Home’s Long-Term Value

Galvanized roofing is made from a combination of powdered zinc and aluminum and the two are combined in a liquid solution. This mixture is poured into thin sheets and these sheets are stacked up in a galvanized roofing factory. The thin layer of zinc coating protects the metal from rust, while aluminum allows it to be shaped by the company’s high-powered roll forming equipment. The zinc coating on the aluminum layer actually separates the galvanized metal form the air, giving it an extended service life, up to nearly 50 percent longer than other galvanized metal sheets.

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The full hard corrugated sheet is manufactured from a mixture of zinc and aluminum, with each having a slightly different physical structure mai ton dep. The full-hard corrugated sheets can resist a higher than normal flow of chloride, making them slightly more expensive to manufacture. They are also slightly more difficult to work with during installation, but they offer more durability and greater resistance to corrosion.

Corrugated plastic coated sheets are also used in galvanized roofing construction. This type of plastic sheet has a very short service life when exposed to chloride, which speeds up the corrosion resistance. It is also much less expensive to manufacture than the full-hard corrugated sheet. Plastic coated sheeting is also resistant to galvanic corrosion. But like all plastic coated products, this type of sheet loses its adhesive strength when exposed to high temperatures, so they should be placed or bolted to metals that will allow it to bond.

Aluminum is another common ingredient in corrugated roofing products. This metal has a high level of thermal conductivity, meaning it has a faster burning speed than other metals and it dissipates heat quicker. It also has a higher level of electrochemical compatibility, which means it does not form metal oxides when exposed to chloride-based solutions. In addition, aluminum metal is unaffected by either galvanic corrosion or acid precipitation, which make it a great product for use in the home or building environment. However, this type of corrugated metal loses its electrochemical compatibility when exposed to chloride solutions, so it is not recommended for use in high-carbon environments.

A custom-manufactured, fully-customized, fully-prepared corrugated sheet is an ideal choice for homeowners looking to achieve the best protection for their roof at an affordable price point. These ready-made sheets can be fabricated at the factory according to the customer’s specifications and then installed at the job site. After the installation, the customer is free to return the piece for a new warranty from the manufacturer, if desired. This option is available only with custom-manufactured sheet metal products.

Today’s coating standards are more stringent than ever before. While some coating materials still meet basic galvanized roofing sheet needs, others feature superior electrochemical properties and long service life. Premium coated corrugated metal products are designed with an emphasis on long service life and are available in a variety of coatings including galvanized, hot dip galvanized. These coatings deliver similar performance and provide the same benefits as galvanized roofing sheets galvanized with aluminum (and sometimes with copper) at a reduced cost. By switching to these coatings, homeowners can save on energy costs and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. For more information about coated corrugated metal roofing sheets, contact a reputable dealer today.

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