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Online University Degree and Top Universities

US universities have the capacity to accommodate large number of students. However, the number of students seeking admission in US universities is much larger than what these institutions can accommodate. There lies the genesis of Online University Degree.

The US institutions offering Online University Degree present an excellent opportunity for those students who began their education in some junior college, community college, or university, but could not complete it for some reasons. They also offer an excellent opportunity for them who are working. Online courses offer the individuals an option to balance their academic, professional and personal life according to their requirements. Flexibility in pursuing the academic programme is one of the most important characteristics, which attracts students community towards these online courses

There are large numbers of institutions in US which offer online courses. Some of them are, Regent University Online, ITT Tech, Argosy University Online, National University, I.A Film School, South University Online, Westwood College Online, and so on. These universities have several campuses in US. For example, 18 cities across the United States host branches of Argosy University. The ITT Technical Institute has ninety campuses in US.

The disciplines of study offered under Online University Degree schemes are somewhat restricted. For example, Argosy University Online offers Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Under Master’s programme, it offers MA in Forensic Psychology, MS in Health Services Management, MS in Management, MBA, MAEd Educational Leadership, and MAEd Instructional Leadership etc. Under Doctoral programme, it offers EdD Counseling Psychology, EdD Educational Leadership, EdD Instructional Leadership, EdD in Organizational Leadership, and EdD in Community College Executive Leadership etc. Regent University offers Bachelor’s degree in English, Psychology, Government, Communication, Global Business, Religious Studies, Leadership and Management and Associate’s degree in Business, Psychology, Christian Studies, and General Studies. The number of courses being offered in the field of science, medicine, engineering and technology are insignificant. The ITT Technical Institute in Indianapolis, Indiana offers Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management and Associate’s degree in Web design.

Admission requirements for online courses offered by the US institutions are relaxed in comparison to the requirements for campus based courses. These institutions use modern technology of video conferencing to impart lessons in the virtual class rooms. Effectively, these institutions have made the world a virtual class room which is only good for the humanity. Apart from video conferencing, one to one chatting between the student and the faculty member facilitates the academic interaction, problem solving and assignment based online discussions. These institutions make study materials available online. These study materials include innovative graphics, animations and video clips.

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