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Whether God Exists – A New Vision

Other day the discussion between theist and atheist for whether God exists was heard by an agnostic. He carefully listened to the arguments put forward by theist and atheist. He deliberately kept mum for some time. He looked at them with askance. Some time passed by and he whispered, “You both seem to be too intelligent to come to any consensus – You are obsessed with worldly knowledge. You propose your point with great force and you both try to win an argument. You feel like if your opponent is unable to rebut then you are victorious. With your argument you feel like, as if you have given a universal and unchangeable last canon to the world. Truth is that you both need a new vision”.

He further said, “Existence does not bother about your arguments. It flows in its own grandeur way. The arguments are won and lost but that does not prove anything. Human courts give judgment after listening to the arguments and judge or jury tries to reach some concrete conclusions, because that is what they are supposed to do. It may happen that those judgments are challenged in higher courts and then reversed with another judgment – called a landmark judgment. Old judgment gets diluted when another superior court is approached and the matter ends with another ruling. We mortals function in funny ways and try to juxtapose our belief system with existential laws”.

Agnostic continued with steady and firm tone, “Even our age old scientific theory is taken toll of when some advanced theory is proposed. Newton had proposed a law of gravitation, a few centuries back. That was disproved by Einstein in his famous general theory of relativity. He said there is no gravitational Px7 primal flow force in reality. It is an illusion. Einstein said there is nothing like matter and energy. They are two facets of the same coin. Matter is a tangible form of energy and energy is a subtle form of matter. They are two different states of the same thing”.

Theist and atheist both were stunned with this new introduction of agnosticism.

Agnostic continued, “God is not a persona specific. Whole existence is God or so as to say God is whole existence. He is pervaded everywhere in infinite forms. He is nonattached and noncommittal. He is with no beginning and no end. He is not out to prove anything; nor is He there to dismantle anything. He is not a creator in generalized sense nor is He a destructor. He is sum total of all creation”.

He cited Einstein’s words, “Energy neither can be created nor destroyed.” That means it is there for ages and will remain ad infinitum. In a way, universe is made of single primal energy; which, at its own pace, is continuously evolving in myriad of forms. The various forms cause illusion in us and we consider each of them separate.

Agnostic further murmured, “It will not be a surprise if some day a theory of big bang – a so called theory of beginning of universe is disproved and a new theory takes its place. Universe is so complex that no particular scientific theory can prove or disprove its phenomena. It is beyond comprehension of any scientific study and will always remain like that. The age old big puzzle, if seen in the light of a new vision, can best be explained as non-dual, primal energy which is the root cause of everything in the universe. Whatsoever name you can call it as but its very nature of creation after destruction and again recreation for an infinite period of time is always going to remain”.

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