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Energy Therapy More Effective in Treating Phobias Than CBT, Medication

Writers, politicians and regular folks have abused the word “phobia” a lot lately. It has been tacked onto every controversial idea in order to demonize people they disagree with. But let’s look at what “phobia” really means: an irrational fear. If you’re standing by a lake holding a golf club aloft on top of a barren hill in a rainstorm, and you’re afraid of being struck by lightning, is that a phobia? No. That’s a rational fear. If, however, you won’t leave the house on a sunny day for fear of being electrocuted, that’s an irrational fear.

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If you avoid air travel because you’re terrified of plane crashes, that is, in fact, a phobia. This is because statistically you have a much better chance of getting in a car accident than being in a plane crash Email Extractor Software.

Another way to tell if a fear is a phobia is if it interferes with your life. If you’re so afraid of falling down the stairs that you never leave your bedroom, that’s a phobia. So based on these criteria, do you have any phobias?

A study conducted over 14 years tested 29,000 phobia sufferers. Those who were treated with energy therapy proved to show “lasting and strong treatment gains.” A sub-study looked at 2,500 subjects with anxiety disorders, some of whom were treated with cognitive behavioral therapy and some who were treated using energy therapy. The results: 76 percent of energy therapy patients had a total remission of symptoms while only 51 percent of the CBT patients were “cured.”

You may have been told that you have to learn to live with your irrational fear. You may have consulted therapists with whom you discussed your fear endlessly without relief. You may have tried all sorts of things. Well, take heart. Energy therapy could be the cure you’ve been looking for.

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