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Residual Income – A Life Changing Resource

While unemployment rates in the United States seem to be growing very high, the economy is showing sings of turning around. According to labor statistics, the unemployment rate stayed relatively steady at 9.7 percent in March 2010 landscape laborer, or about 15 million are still unemployed. Helping to move our economy in the right direction are the many people searching for new and better ways to make money, and to put freedom and control back into their hands.

We still have a long way to go. We have learned a lot during this recession, the largest worldwide contraction since the Great Depression that started in about 1929 and lasted until the late 1930s or early 1940s. Many Americans have lost their faith in the job system built upon traditional corporate careers. A few have put extra effort in self education, trying to keep their skills in demand as technology and economic factors change the business landscape.

Often, after months of collecting unemployment, many end up taking low paying or part-time jobs just to make ends meet. They end up questioning their ideas about welfare, security, happiness and success. Relatively few keep looking for ways to supplement their reduced incomes, trying to replace their incomes entirely with a new line of work, or a new business venture.

Problems the majority are discovering, trying to use old ways in this changing economy include the limited control they have over their income. Get laid off, no money. Get your hours reduced, less money. Your company makes a few mistakes resulting in less demand for your products and services, no matter how hard you work. No matter how good you are, you spend more of your waking hours trying to support yourself and your family.

One of the most frequent search terms on Google is “home based business.” Many people no longer trust getting paid a set amount of money in exchange for performing duties in a job description. Even the regular trade jobs like plumber or electrician turn many off due to the limited way they earn a set amount of money for each individual job they perform.

Best selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki said, “Our schools teach us nothing or very little about money. We are trained to be employees, to go to ask somebody for a job. We are not trained to be entrepreneurs or investors.” Many Americans wonder why their best efforts get them unemployed. It is time to leave your old world thinking and look for a better way.

There is a better way, and those who go looking for it discover it is found in “residual income”. Fortunately it is easier than you might think to find a source that makes a good fit for you.

Residual income is earned when you stop trading your time for money as in a regular job, and start thinking like an entrepreneur. The wealthiest people in the world get that way because they do not simply earn more money per hour, they get paid more than one time for what they do. You probably know that recording artists earn money whenever their songs are played. Or insurance agents earn money each month you pay your premiums, and authors get paid a percentage each time their books get sold. These are some examples of work that earns these people ongoing income for work they produced once.

You do not have to be a recording artist or best selling author to earn residual income, and the lifestyle that goes with it. One of the simplest and most effective ways to earn residual income is by building a business with a reputable direct selling company.

Direct selling is a business model where products and services are sold through a network of independent distributors. Insurance is a well known product marketed and sold in this manner. While a few companies sell direct most use a system of district managers and local agents who use a network approach to direct selling. Actually, almost every industry you can think of has companies that do business this way. As you sell those products or services you earn income, including residual income.

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad said “I see network marketing as a great way of giving people the training to be entrepreneurial and have the entrepreneurial spirit without having to climb someone else’s ladder, or live in fear of being fired or downsized.”

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