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The Driveway Gates

Even today, if one visits the countryside with the farmhouses and the rustic forests, we get a glimpse of how drastically different the lives of city dwellers are. While Farmhouses with their animal pens and barns are usually made of wood and its derivatives, it is very rare to see cement and concrete driveway gates in the rural set up. If one visits the outskirts of the city, one might still find homes with wooden porches and picket fences. But as one goes within large metropolitan cities, large sturdy metal gates and fences are preferred.

One of the reasons for this may be the fact that wood is now a very expensive buy and good quality wood is rare and in short supply. Another reason may be the fact that cities these days need gates and fences that are secure considering the rising crime rates especially of thefts and aluminium gate malaysia break-ins. While steel and wrought iron still remain a popular choice for gates even today, more and more people are opting for lighter options. The most popular alternative for driveway gates is aluminium. Already used in weight sensitive industries such as Aircrafts and ships, aluminium has slowly found its way into our homes.

The function of a gate too has evolved and changed over time. Once used only to demarcate land and property, gates these days have become more of a security essential. This combined with the growth in modern technology has ensured that driveway gates today come with much more features than a simple entrance to your home. Aluminium driveway gates are particularly useful since they can be modified and customised to suit the individual needs of people. This is because Aluminium is highly malleable ensuring that is can be moulded according to the design in question.

Today, almost all driveway gates, aluminium or otherwise, come with automatic control panels, security cameras and a microphone and speaker built in. More advanced options including security alarms are also available. Earlier, since gates were made of expensive wrought iron or wood, overall costs were very high. But ever since aluminium Driveway gates have been developed, a lot of people are being able to afford them. Most aluminium gates also have the option of choosing the colour and finish of the gate. Powder sprays are used to give a matte look, while others prefer a glossy texture using paint.

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